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Hotel Information


1wifi-1-300x2251. Internet/WiFi

Even though you can enjoy internet in the designated areas of our hotel (without having to pay extra for this), we  try to “seduce” you not to do so. Our hotel has so much more to offer to you than the well known “limitations of” WiFi!


2. Swimming pool, aqua park, children’s pool

You will be exited with our 100m2 swimming pool with an aqua park (2 slides), a broad sun lawn and a 40m2 big separated children’s pool. Enjoy yourself!

3. Sea, beach and sunbathing

Marvel Beach Hotel is, as the name suggests, a shoreline hotel. We have our own private beach. If our beach doesn’t offer enough place you can do the sunbathing on the specially for this aim designed roof of our pergola. Sunbathing with a magnificent view over the Bay of Güvercinlik is really an experience not to forget.

file-54. Your children will have fun!

We do know that parents can only enjoy their holidays when they know that their children are having more fun than they have themselves. Whether your children are small or slightly bigger … with a playground, a children’s swimming pool and an aqua park, we have made sure that your toddlers, preschoolers and (yes … “even”) your teens will be entertained!

garden-300x2805. Garden and terrace

The terraces and gardens on the premises are pleasant places to be. Our sea view offering garden is designed with magnificent palm trees, plane trees and fruit trees. Pergolas and vegetation provide shade and wind and the Aegean sea provide the lovely cooling breeze. Enjoy the harmony!

Breakfastbuffet-restaurant-MBH-300x2256. Breakfast Bed or “all inclusive”

“All Inclusive” means that the food and drink is included in the price. Marvel Beach Hotel offers a LIGHT ALL INCLUSIVE meal plan. This is because alcohol is not included in our all inclusive concept. We serve buffet style breakfast (8.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.), lunch (12.30 p.m. – 2.00 p.m.), and dinner (7.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.). Additionally, you can have an unlimited extent of water, instant coffee / tea, chocolate milk, 3 kinds of private label carbonated soft drinks (the most favorite ones), ice-tea and fruit juices throughout the day (from 8.30 a.m. – 9 p.m.). All alcoholic beverages are available at commercial rates. Alcoholic beverages are served only to guests who are 18 years or older of age. The Marvel Beach Hotel staff has the right to deny serving alcohol when the health of guests is being compromised.


7. Activities and Workshops

Our hotel organizes a live music program on five nights of the week. Bodrum peninsula culture, tour and trip programs can be booked in our hotel. Our hotel staff will gladly provide you with historical and tourist information related to the Bodrum peninsula.

571392_83340732-300x2258. Live performances

Celebrating holiday should be a synonym for fun. That’s our objective and for this reason we offer live performances minimum 5 nights of the week. Whether Turkish pop, international hits, or even traditional Turkish feasting, really all genres are covered.

Illuminated-sign-complete-image-night-MBH-300x5339. Excellent service management

Marvel Beach Hotel takes pride in delivering excellent service at all levels of service. This excellent service is delivered by the professionals of our five service teams: household, administration/management, hospitality, animation and security. We are proud to have professionals from all over Europe,  southeastern mediterranean and Turkey, being a part of our family. We are skilled, enthusiastic, we are rich in languages (we speak Dutch, English, French, German, Arabic, Farsi and Turkish) and we know the cultures of (all) our guests. We will make sure you will feel at home at Marvel Beach Hotel. Actually, Marvel Beach Hotel will be your home sugared with holidays!