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Marvel Beach Hotel is located in the marvellous bay of Güvercinlik. When you leave the Bodrum-Milas airport to Bodrum city you will pass the wonderful village of Güvercinlik. From the airport it is only 20 minutes to our hotel.

Güvercinlik is a picturesque fishing village and it is known for its fabulous beach walk. The bay view is unique and the forests around Güvercinlik offer a very pleasant sight. This village offers a wide variety of catering services (tea terraces, cafes, restaurants and bars), a 4 kilometre long promenade and a complete village centre with supermarkets, small shops, a postal office and a Western Union money transfer office. In short, Güvercinlik is an unforgettable holiday destination. We are sure you will find the village Güvercinlik and Marvel Beach Hotel a marvellous holiday destination. Güvercinlik, Bodrum city and the Bodrum peninsula have so much to offer to you. You will be amazed of all the options you will have. For more information please click on the lines below.

You could visit the following places on your own:

Milas direction

flamingo-300x200Drive from Marvel Beach Hotel in the direction of the airport. 15 Kilometres after the airport you take a turn to the left. Some 40 kilometres later you will arrive in the village of Kıyıkışlacık (yes, the pronunciation could be a problem indeed!). But easy does it, you may also call this village by its ancient name of Iasos. The present village used to be prosperous city in ancient times. Iasos, built in the fifth century BC by the Greeks, was surrounded by water on 3 sides. The everlasting excavations now have uncovered a wealth of ruins dating from that time. Once having visited the ancient site you should take a break at the terraces at the old port. You could combine this break with a lunch. Afterwards you should not immediately return to the hotel. Since you have hired a cat, you might as well enjoy this car1 little longer. After Iasos you can continue to follow the seashore road. You will see beautiful bays, a lot of nature and a bunch of deserted beaches. But you could also drive back to the main road and there you can take a turn to the left to the city of Milas. Milas is a typical Turkish town without a lot of tourists. If you still haven’t seen enough old stones then you should continue watching them here. In Milas they have a small but great archaeological museum. If this is not what you want, then you should visit the centre of the city. You can find a dozen cosy cafes, restaurants and tea terraces in this centre. Smallscale_Mausolus_Mausoleum_Gumuskesen_Monument_Milas_Turkey-300x225Tuesday there is a large regional market. It takes about 45 minutes to return from Milas to Güvercinlik. On your way back make sure you visit the Tuzla lake area with its Flamingo Birds Paradise, the ancient city of Bargylia and its breathtaking scenery.
You’ll find it on your way back, some 5 kilometres before Güvercinlik you take a turn to the right to the fishing village of Boğaziçi and within a mile in that direction you will arrive at your destination. You can call it a day now. From here it will take about 10 minutes to Marvel Beach Hotel.

Bodrum direction

Turkey_Bodrum_Castle_Mosque-e1422460252139There’s no need for renting a car if you’re only willing to see the city of Bodrum. You can reach Bodrum easily by Dolmus (a collective means of transportation). A Dolmus ride from Marvel Beach Hotel to Bodrum (and back) takes about 30 minutes and is available every 10 minutes 24/7. Just make sure you know where the bus will depart from in the city of Bodrum. Spending a day in Bodrum is a well spend day.
You can visit the Bodrum castle (crusaders castle, now a famous museum of archaeological sea artefacts), you can walk through the beautiful streets of old Bodrum, visits the many restaurants, have a sunbath on the city beach or watch the yachts of the most wealthy citizens of the world. If you’re willing to feel like them, you should take the ferry to Kos or Rhodes islands. An alternative is to spend your day shopping, getting tired with it, eating a tasteful bowl of ice to console yourself and feeling happy when taking a selfie.

Halicarnassus_Theatre-e1422460834841If you did rent a car then you should do a tour of the Bodrum peninsula. Bodrum peninsula offers 36 beautiful bays. Unfortunately not all of those picturesque bays are furnished with a gold coloured sandy beach. On this trip you will surely find at least 5 sandy beaches, peaceful monumental villages, gorgeous villa’s scattered across the landscape, beautiful rock formations and amazingly eroded landscapes. This ride will provide you with a good idea of how the Bodrum peninsula looks like.

Kos and Rhodes islands

Kos_police_building_2-300x225Two countries for the price of one is obviously a bargain. The mainland of the Bodrum peninsula is less than 10 kilometres from Greece. Bodrum is about 20 kilometres from Kos. So if you take the boat from Bodrum to Kos you will be in Greece within an hour. The real beauty of the island of Kos is that, despite the ancient city of Kos, the picturesque mountain village of Zia and the modern city of Kos, you will return to Turkey before it starts to bore you! You can make your day even better by grabbing the slow liner to Kos. This will feel like experiencing a “light edition” of a sea cruise. Rhodes is also an option. Rhodes is a little bit further away. Travelling 2.5 hours hence and 2.5 hours from Rhodes only to visit it for 2 hours might not be the wisest thing you’ve done in your life, but … at birthday parties you will have a story to tell.

Visiting Bafa Lake

bafa-lake1Maybe you are looking for something exceptional and a bit further away. Then perhaps you should not stop in Milas, just continue driving your car in the direction of Izmir. After about 1 hour of travelling you’ll arrive at the Bafa Lake which is situated at the foot of the Latmos mountains. Walking a day around the Bafa Lake is a great experience. This lake is located on the Menderes delta (the verb to meander is derived from the river Menderes). Some 250 different bird species have been discovered in this area. This 5 kilometres width and 15 kilometres long lake is truly a wonderful open air museum. This natural phenomenon was shaped more or less 2 thousand years ago and caused a separation from the Aegean Sea. The trails vary in length from 2 hours to 9 hours and run along the olive groves, through the peaceful villages and along the both harmonious and erratic landscapes of the Bafa Lake area. On these trails ruins of temples, churches, monasteries and fortresses can be visited. With a bit of luck (if you can read a map you don’t need luck actually) you’ll find stunning rock engravings and enjoy the art of the stone ages. It is possible to explore the Bafa Lake with a guide.

Driving through the surrounding area

23018241-300x225It is possible to explore the villages in the hinterland of Güvercinlik and the area east of the Bodrum peninsula by car. Until the town of Mumcular you don’t have to worry about the road situation. Those roads are good. From there on you’ll drive on village roads mainly. But since you are not in a hurry (remember you’re on a holiday), you are not going to mind this at all. Luckily there’s very little traffic present in this part of the peninsula. So don’t mind the slow driving tractor or the herd of sheep you’ll encounter. Eventually you will lose them out of your sight. The scenery in the hills, with its endless pine forests, its typical serene villages on mountain slopes and hidden rock formations, is magnificent. And eventually you’ll reach the northern coast line of the Gulf of Gökova. This will be a bonus for sure. Here you will bump into the fine bays, the beautiful beaches and the lovely settlements of Yalıçiftlik, Mazı and Oren. This trip is also an anthropological feast. The source of revenue of the villagers on these routes isn’t tourism. Therefore the hospitality offered by them (tea or yoghurt drink) probably is genuine and not motivated by commercial interests. Only experiencing this makes the self-organized excursion certainly worthwhile!

You can also book fully organized excursions with us:

Boat trip

865_bodrum-boat-rental-charter-hire-12-300x225All this time you’ve been wondering how it would be to bobbing around on the beautiful Aegean sea of the Bodrum peninsula. Now book this boat trip and stop wondering! You shouldn’t feel guilty of being lazy, you’re not! All that snorkelling and swimming in the clear blue sea requires a lot of effort … so, time for you to relax on the comfortable sun beds on the sundeck and enjoy the fine food offered aboard

Jeep safari

jeep_01-300x191Join the jeep safari excursion and you will make acquaintance with a different Bodrum. This trip will take you along picturesque villages in the mountains east of the Bodrum peninsula, you will breathe pristine nature, you will discover traces of people of the past and you will live the adventurous live of an explorer. For a change you will not swim in the sea but in a lake.

Fishing in Torba Bodrum

resize.php_-300x200You are fishing, you’re baking the fish caught on the barbecue and you are taking orders of the captain! Are you sure you didn’t mix up between an excursion and a working holiday?
In the past 10 years, participants managed to catch plenty of sea bream and sea bass for the lunch. This means that there still is fish in abundance in these waters. Now I think of it, the fish caught didn’t look very wild to me, as a matter of fact, the fish jumped on the grill right after the captain gave a command to do so … very suspicious!

Visiting a hamam

019857a_hb_f_009-300x200Steaming, foam treatment and scrub proves to be a real treat for the body. Therefore, you won’t be surprised that the motto of this “hamam” excursion is “pamper yourself”. They live in this region with this knowledge for thousands of years now! At some point you would expect them to be bored from it! But no, strangely enough this is not the case! Actually, they found a solution fort that too. They just livened it up with a massage, exfoliation and a manicure. Maybe not original but it is very effective indeed.

The ancient city of Ephesus

Ac_artemisephesus1-300x225You will have to travel 3,5 hours to visit the ancient city of Ephesus. Your time will be worth its value. In antiquity the city of Ephesus was a major city. For example the city harboured the Temple of Artemis, being one of the seven wonders of the world. In Ephesus, you will also find the remains of the Library of Celsus, an incredibly beautiful amphitheatre and an ancient brothel.

Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Pamukkale_2_4_Commons-300x225 (1)
This excursion takes you to the limestone terraces of Pamukkale. The beauty of this natural phenomenon is definitely worth the 5-hour trip. And we have good news for our “special achievers”, if you manage to see all of the wonderful shapely limestone terraces within 20 minutes of time, we will offer you a free trip to the ancient city of Hierapolis. And on the way back the seat next to the driver is reserved for you! By the way, a 5 hour long trip isn’t very long when compared to the months of travelling Cleopatra had to undertake to get there…

Turtle Beach Dalyan

24-300x208This is an extraordinarry excursion. After a journey of 3 hours you will enter Dalyan. We will have a delicious lunch by the river offering an excellent view of the tombs of the Kings of Caunos. After lunch we are going to enjoy a mud bath. A mud bath is said to be very good for your skin and this bath will keep you very young! After the mud bath we will go to the nature reservation of Turtle Beach. If lucky you will see 150 years old turtles. Before going home you will have time to relax on the beach

Village Tour

villagetourDuring this tour you get to know the habits of the native population, their school system, the rural lifestyle and their religion. Well, to which religion they belong will be a quiz question which you will have to answer right after we have visited a mosque. We wıll also visit a private home where a lady will show us the technique of how to make a handmade Turkish carpet. Afterwards we will enjoy a simpel “homemade” farmer’s lunch.

Dophin show and swimming with Dolphins

dolphin-300x200Everybody loves to swim with dolphins. The dolphin show is located only 10 minutes from Marvel Beach Hotel. The show offered is spectacular.

Bodrum wild: catamaran and Bodrum nightclub

Night-Life-01-300x200“Party all night long” on a catamaran boat at sea with famous DJ’s from all over the world. After the party you’ll be taken to the shore by small boats. This party will be an unforgettable experience for you. This night lasts from 23:00 until any time of your choice … as long this is limited to 05.00 hour in the morning! That’ll be the time we’ll take you back to your hotel. This tour is also offered on the shore. In an open air disco (Halikarnas) with great views over Bodrum castle, you’ll dance on music by famous DJ’s, you will experience a foam party and a number of dance shows. Again, the night starts from 23:00 and lasts up to any time of your choice … as long this is once again limited to 05.00 hour in the morning! That’ll be the time we’re going to take you back to your hotel. Be aware of age restrictions (18 years+).

Aqua park

dedeman-aquapark-aerial-300x153The aqua park you’ll visit features all sorts of water slides. So, pick your manoeuvre and go berserk! Don’t be surprised when you see the reaction of your kids. Kids always marvel of the effect of water and slides on adults. Be aware of restrictions regarding both age and height.